Alberto Korda

I had the opportunity to get to know Alberto Korda before he passed away suddenly in 2001. Here (above) is a photo I took of him in front of his famous picture of Che Guevara, "El Guerillo Heroico." We editioned this work together, and prints of this and a lesser known work of Che and Fidel Castro playing golf just after the Revolution are both available. The golf course was soon turned into an art school, which it still is today. Ernesto FernandezAlthough his name is not as well known as it should be, Ernesto Fernandez (seen in a portrait I took in 2008 above) was among the most prominent of the Post-Revolutionary Photographers. He was there to document the Bay of Pigs; he followed Cuban soldiers sent to Angola to fight in the 1970s in the Angolan War for Independence from the Portuguese; and he captured everyday Cuban life. His beautifully toned, poignant images give a broad sense of the politics and the people of Cuba, which are of course inseparable.

Raul Corrales

Raul Corrales (above in a photo I took of him in 2000) was a young photographer of the Revolution, and his work won him a position as one of Fidel Castro's official photographers. Currently in inventory I have this wonderful, signed print by Corrales (who died in 2006), of Castro and Hemingway at a fishing competition in 1960, the only time they met.

Roberto Salas was a young Cuban man living in New York when an equally young Fidel Castro visited the city, seeking support for his political cause. When the Revolution happened, Salas returned to Cuba in order to document the events. Salas has shown often in the United States, with both his historical work and more experimental photography and portraiture. The work at far right is by his father, Revolution photographer Osvaldo Salas. Cuban original posters are among the most sought-after of all the Cuban art forms. Impeccably hand-printed and employing the best of Cuban inspired revolutionary and constructivist design, these works are refined and powerful. You can see a sampling of these in my home gallery at right. Please write for more details and larger images. More will be online soon as well.
Art by Cuban Photographers and Historical Posters

Art is the only commodity not restricted under the United States' embargo of Cuban goods. It has been my pleasure to bring back some of the best of the Cuban Revolutionary photographers' historical work, as well as other contemporary art and photography from throughout the island. This work is available for sale from me, and I can also try to procure different pieces to meet your needs.

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